What Will You Do In Your Garden Room?

Why Have A Garden Room?

All Year Round Use

All Inclusive Pricing

Any Garden – Any Size

Built Within 3 Days

£250,000 Insurance During Building

10 Year Guarantee and Full After Sales Service

Electrics Included At No Extra Cost

Plastered and Painted Interior Walls

Internet Connections

175mm (7 inch thick walls)

Materials Exceed Building Regulations

95% of our Garden Rooms Don’t Need Planning Permission

Surprise Gift on Completion

Working from home can be a dream come true.  You then find the day to day noises around the house from the children playing, TV's Tablets and other distractions getting in the way.  You can escape to your Garden Room and still enjoy a short commute to work!

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A Garden Room can be your place to study

Studying without distraction, that's what a Garden Room can do.   Research has shown having a dedicated quiet area for you or your children to study can dramatically improve grades.

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Keep your entire family in shape with your own Garden Room gym.  Get the children away from the TV, iPads and computers and improve your family's health in your own Garden Room gym.

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A Garden Room can be your place to relax

No matter what your hobby, cards and crafts, gaming, drawing and painting or even dancing.  FInding the space to relax doing what you love can often be stressful.

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