Floor and Foundations

The floor base is constructed using 100mm x 50mm pressure treated joists.  The joists are then fixed to concrete pad foundations set into concrete.  The floor base is set slightly above ground level, leaving no timber in contact with the ground. This is done to stop rising damp and create an air gap to keep your building moisture free.

Roof and Roof Covering

The roof is constructed using 150mm x 50mm treated timber joists then covered with sheets of 100 mm SIPS panels. The top sheet of the roof is seamless black EPDM rubber matting. It is bonded to the roof leaving no joints or fixing points, this ensures there is no chance of any leaks.  EPDM has a 20-year life expectancy.

Exterior Finish

All our garden rooms are finished with pressure treated timber cladding. During the preservative process, structural changes occur which improves the basic characteristics of the timber. This vastly improves the timber for exterior use. You can choose to have your cladding fitted horizontally or vertically. This must be agreed upon order confirmation. All of our range comes with black guttering and downpipe.


The electrics pack includes
8 new double sockets with USB’s in our best seller 4m x 3m building.
You have the choice of light switches. Beautiful chrome downlighters finish the ceiling and provide your light.
You have the choice of convection heater, or underfloor heating or be one of the first to have infrared heating.
2 external up/downlights
RCD Fusebox.
Free WIFI extender – new product


The walls are built using 100mm SIPS eco-panels for maximum strength and rigidity. SIPs combine several components of a conventional building, such as studs and joists, insulation, vapour barrier and air barrier. They can be used for many different applications such as exterior wall, roof, floor, and foundation systems.
The walls are then covered with a breathable vapour barrier. This is used to keep moisture out and allows your room to breathe. Timber battens are then fitted and Red Cedar cladding is then fixed.
The inside walls are clad in 3 layers of 12.5mm plasterboard – that is one and a half inches thick – this is a very solid way to reduce noise and keep you warm!


The walls, floor and roof has 100mm of insulation
The walls are an impressive 175mm (7 inches) thick – maybe as thick as the walls of your home!

Doors and Windows

We use high-quality white interior UPVC patio doors, French doors and windows - complete with toughened double-glazing and insurance approved security locks.

Interior finish
Laminate flooring or engineered wood is laid on top of a 100mm subfloor.
White MDF skirting board is then fit to complete YOUR room.

All materials construction back by our 10 YEAR GUARANTEE


What Will You Do In Your Garden Room?

We are always fascinated to learn the reasons why our clients want a garden room.  From dog groomers to safe spaces for the children.  There is a garden room for everyone!